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Crescent EG39-TB 39 Inch Electric Guitar Starter Kit | Very Cheap Guitar


Crescent EG39-TB 39 Inch Electric Guitar Starter Kit | Very Cheap Guitar
From Crescent

Crescent's beginner 39" Premium Electric Guitar is perfect for the new beginner guitar player or even someone who plays regularly. This 100% handmade guitar is made to take a beating and the value of the guitar won't break the bank.
For a limited time, receive a bonus CrescentTM Digital E-Tuner with your purchase!
Very Cheap Guitar
List Price:$89.00Price:$69.95

Customer Reviews

5Crescent EG39-TB 39 Inch Electric Guitar 
By Magen 
This is my first electric guitar. However it is not my first guitar in general. I've been playing now for 6 years on and off. I find this guitar better than an acoustic because of the wider range of genre that can be playing with an electric vs an acoustic. This is a very nice guitar and it suits my needs as a beginner of electric guitars.

4Great guitar for the price! 
By Ronald Austin Piech 
This guitar looks fantastic and seems well built. Shipped on time and delivered right to my front door. It came with everything it includes in the package except the digital tuner is nothing like the one shown above. The tuner is a completely different brand but works alright I guess. So far I love everything about this guitar. There are a few very small indents on the guitar like something hit it but they're hardly noticeable and I can't complain because it's my first guitar and u can't beat the price for the quality. In all I would recommend this guitar to any beginner or someone who's looking for a decently well built guitar. If u already have an amplifier I reccomend u get this guitar. If not, I'd say pay the extra 20 or 25 dollars for a guitar that comes with an amp.

Product Details : Crescent EG39-TB 39 Inch Electric Guitar Starter Kit, Transparent Blue Color (Includes CrescentTM Digital E-Tuner)

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Bluw Finger Drums | Cheap Cute Desktop Drum


Bluw Finger Drums | Cheap Cute Desktop Drum
From Bluw

Hit the drums and feel the beat with the mini musican Finger Drum Kit. Simply strike the tom toms, snare drum, bass drum and cymbals and you'll be a beat crashing Rock God in no time! Features a demo mode, freestyle mode and even a record function so that you can play back your favourite drum solos. The Finger Drums are silver and purple with the cool Finger Drums logo in the middle of the main drum! Batteries included.

List Price:$19.99
Price:$19.00 & eligible for FREE Shipping on orders over $35.

Customer Reviews

5Finger drums
By Madonna Anzaldo
Great discription. This toy is fun for the whole family. I would defintley recommend this item to any musician out there.
4Fun way to occupy your time
By Lynda A. Dietz
This has been fun for our entire family. Officially it's our daughter's gift, but everyone has taken a turn at it. The snare doesn't sound much like a snare, but the cymbal and toms sound just fine for a toy, and the bottom line is that it's fun, creative, and you can record your efforts. Educational? I don't see how, unless you're practicing rhythms and need to hear a recording of yourself. But it's a toy! Therefore it fulfills its role pretty well.

Product Details : Bluw Finger Drums

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Bluw Finger Drums | Cheap Cute Desktop Drum

Fender MC-1 34 Nylon, Natural, Rosewood Fretboard | Classical Guitars For Sale


Cheap Classical Guitars Fender MC-1 34 Nylon, Natural, Rosewood Fretboard
From Fender

Fender’s upgraded MA-1 mini acoustic and MC-1 mini classical guitars now provide an improved playing experience akin to that of more expensive full-size instruments.
Classical Guitars For Sale

List Price:$219.99Price:$129.99

Customer Reviews

4Works great 
By Loganathan Duraisamy 
I bought for my kid who is 8 years old. He is just started to learn guitar, He likes this product so far.

4Great Guitar
By BookMaven
I'm short with small hands. Full size guitars are uncomfortable for me, but I haven't really liked the sound of 3/4 guitars. That is until I tried the Fender MC-1 at my local guitar store the other day. I bought it on the spot! The sound is great. Very mellow and rich, and not at all horrible like the 3/4 sizes usually sound. The smaller body fits perfectly under my arm without hurting my shoulder too.

The only complaint I have is that the strings are really close together. But, te smaller fret board makes it easier for me to make chords, so it's a give and take.

Product Details : Fender MC-1 34 Nylon

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Fender MC-1 34 Nylon, Natural, Rosewood Fretboard | Classical Guitars For Sale

Bravado Merchandising Bullet For My Valentine Raven T-Shirt Black | Cool Music T-Shirt


Cool Music T-Shirt | Bravado Merchandising Bullet For My Valentine Raven T-Shirt Black
From Bravado

The Raven implores your wilting soul to consider grafting this Bullet For My Valentine t-shirt to your body!" This mens metal tee is made of 100% cotton and features a raven holding a rose, perched on a skull. Ravens, roses, and skulls? Nothin' more metal than that!
Cool Music T-Shirt 
List Price:$19.99
Price:$15.65 - $24.99

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

5Love it
By Helene M. Beisecker
This shirt came in good condition and exactly how it looks on here. I got a small and it's a bit big but not unwearable.
0 of 0 people found the following review helpful.
By Brittany Temple
Not only did I actually get this product early, it came in a plastic covering and was not damaged at all. The service was efficient and I am completely happy with the result.

Product Details : Bullet For My Valentine Raven T-Shirt

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